(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

Looking for a way to track those patients who have not been seen in a while?

Rather than waste precious time running reports for “missing in action patients”, simply add a quick recall to do the work for you!  Practice Manager offers a feature called Patient Recall, which can be found under the Charge tab. 

Once on the Charge tab, select the Patient Recall tab.  Simply click new, add in the recall type, recall date, provider and procedure (last two being optional fields), and save it.  

However your office is set to notify the patients, you will find a report for a list of recalls in the system and also unfulfilled recalls. So why not set it up in your system today and make the tracking of your patient visits easier than ever before?

For a step by step walk through of the Patient Recall feature, view our training videos here.  (Note: They are listed in the Charge Entry playlist under number 17, 18 and 19).  Additionally, if you have questions, call the Practice Manager Support Department for an overview of how this function is used.

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