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ChartMaker® Cloud is an internet-based option that lets STI host, update, and back-up the ChartMaker Medical Suite for you on our secure servers for one affordable monthly charge. With ChartMaker® Cloud you access your practice information from anywhere via the Internet. All software, support, and portal fees are included in one monthly fee.

Find important downloads, instructional guides, videos, and more to assist in your learning and knowledge of ChartMaker® Cloud.


Learn how to set up your account through the ChartMaker Cloud Access Portal in the My Account section.

Learn how to reset your password for the ChartMaker Cloud through the Reset Password option.

Learn how to unlock your ChartMaker Cloud account in this video.

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Two-Factor Authentication

The ChartMaker® Cloud environment requires Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), or two-step authentication to access. 2FA is an important security measure that adds a second layer of protection in addition to your password. Adding this additional security layer makes it much harder for hackers to break into your accounts as well as complying with HIPAA regulation. HIPAA requires covered entities to verify that a person seeking access to electronic protected health information (ePHI) has authorization.

How does 2FA work?

Two-factor authentication works by adding an extra layer of security to your account — an additional login step — to prevent someone from logging in even if they have access to your password.

When you sign into any of your online accounts, the basic level of authentication requires only your password to log in — that’s one step to verify your identity. 2FA adds a second piece of information (or a second layer) that you need to provide before you can get access to your account.

We have deployed a product named Duo Mobile which is a two-factor authentication (2FA) app that you will install on your smartphone. This is our recommended method of authentication. However, if a cloud user does not have a smartphone, or does not have access to a smartphone, 2FA Security Tokens can be purchased ($30/token) and configured for a cloud user to achieve two-factor authentication. Do note, however, that the 2FA Security Tokens are disposable battery operated devices and will need to be replaced in the future (approximate battery life is two years).

New Cloud Users

Each new cloud user will need their own smartphone they can install the free Duo Mobile app on. If a user does not have a smartphone, a Two-Factor Authentication Security Token can be purchased ($30/token, includes configuration and installation) to provide 2FA.

Likewise, each new cloud user that is using a smartphone for 2FA will also need a unique email address that only they can access – either a personal email address, or better would be a business email address linked only to them. (If your office does not have a business grade email solution, reach out to STI Managed Services for information on how the office can benefit from and deploy their own using Microsoft 365.) An email address is not needed for cloud users that are using a security token for 2FA.

New cloud users, along with applicable 2FA options, can be requested via the User Request Form.