Patient Portal

The ChartMaker® PatientPortal is an online service that allows a patient (or patient representative) to keep track of their personal medical information; while also allowing practices to share and receive information easily with patients.

  • Requirement for MIPS Promoting Interoperability “Provider to Patient Exchange”  objective.
  • Ability to send and receive messages to and from your patients.
  • Upload health related educational resources for your patients.
  • Patients create their own username and password.
  • Patients can update their demographic information.
  • Message Types include: Appointment and Refill Requests, Billing and Health Questions, and General Messages.
  • Information includes: General information, Responsible Party, Employment Information, Insurance, Emergency Contacts, Pharmacy, Medications, Allergies, and History Information.
  • Patients can view, print, or delete clinical summary information for each visit.
  • Patient will be able to download any documents (i.e., registration forms & educational materials) the practice makes available.
  • Configurable by the Practice.
  • Portal Administrators will have access to all patients registered with the ability to reset passwords when needed, as well as the ability to send broadcast messages via the Announcements option.