Mobile App

ChartMaker® Mobile

With the ChartMaker Mobile App, STI is intent on developing an EHR experience that serves the physician, rather than chasing government requirements. Designed from the start to provide features that you want, it breaks the electronic shackles that keep you at your desk. 


  • View patient clinical data including allergies, medications, diagnoses, advance directive status, and insurance
  • View office schedules and rounding lists
  • Enter patient charges
  • Use voice recognition to record comments
  • Available on any Android 9.0 (Pie) or later device, or any iOS 13 or later device
  • FREE for a LIMITED Time

How do I get ChartMaker® Mobile?

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, or the Apple iTunes store, to any android or iOS device respectively—iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, Droid phones, Galaxy tablet, etc.   You also need to contact STI at  so that we can work with your office staff to show you how to enable mobile users from the ChartMaker Medical Suite.

Is there a fee?

Not currently.  It’s free for a limited time, so why not try it out?  You can add as many mobile users as you want.

What features does the Mobile App offer?

View your appointment schedule and appointment schedules of other providers in the practice and appointment details

Along with ChartMaker Clinical, you can view patient health information similar such as advanced directives, allergies, medications, and diagnoses.

Enter charge information.

You can also send feedback directly to the product development team at any time using text or speech.

Like the Medical Suite, ChartMaker Mobile release new features about every 6 weeks. Look for more features coming soon.

Is the Mobile App secure?

  • Yes!  The ChartMaker Mobile App uses secure encryption between your phone and your patient data in the Medical Suite.  An automated logout after a short period of inactivity ensures that even if you lose your device, it won’t stay connected.  And, when you’re done viewing the protected health information (PHI) of patients, ChartMaker Mobile leaves none of it behind on your phone.

How does the Mobile App work?