ChartMaker® Clinical Resources

The importance of an efficienct Electronic Health Records (EHR) system has grown with the inception of programs such as Meaningful Use and and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). With a renewed focus on quality of care, the ChartMaker® Clinical module is a fully functional Electronic Health Records system to help your medical practice succeed in every aspect of healthcare today.

Find important downloads, instructional guides, videos and more to assist in your learning and knowledge of ChartMaker® Clinical.


Learn the basics of navigating ChartMaker® Clinical EHR and creating your first chart note.

Learn the basics of entering patient clinical information such as the Chief Complaint, Past History, Vitals, and Exam.

Learn how to add new diagnoses, update, inactivate existing diagnoses and more.

Learn the proper way to document tests or procedures ordered during an office visit in Clinical using a Procedure Checklist. This includes adding new procedures, modifying or deleting procedures and tracking orders.

Learn how to add and discontinue medications as well as send e-prescriptions in ChartMaker® Clinical.

Learn the options for entering your care plan and follow-up notes in ChartMaker® Clinical.

Learn about our latest features and functionality to enhance your experience in ChartMaker® Clinical.

Learn how to modify and create new templates to use as chart notes and more in ChartMaker® Clinical.

Learn how to setup providers in ChartMaker® Clinical.

Learn about our integrated electronic faxing solution with Updox.

Learn how to tag a checklist in the Template Editor. 

View our previous webinars about a variety of topics in Clinical.


For more information and training materials, visit our Mobile App resource page.

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