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STI Computer Services & Waystar

STI Computer Services Announces Partnership with Waystar

STI Computer Services is excited to announced that we had signed a partnership agreement with Waystar to provide you with an alternative clearinghouse option due to the uncertainty of when Change Healthcare’s claims processing services will be fully restored.

The Waystar clearinghouse platform includes electronic claim submission, remittance, and eligibility verification, and a portal to monitor claim status, similar to the Change Healthcare Vision portal. Pricing is transaction based, and you will be invoiced monthly for usage charges. The following lists the cost for each transaction type:

  • Claims: $0.11*
  • Remittance (ERA): $0.04*
  • Eligibility Verification: $0.14*

*To maintain these price levels, we are requiring a 1-year agreement when enrolling for the Waystar platform. The STI Computer Services – Waystar Clearinghouse Services Agreement must be completed and signed by the Practice Administrator and sent to jbrown@sticomputer.com, or faxed to 610-650-9278 to complete the enrollment process.

Additional Information & Resources

Getting Online with the Waystar Clearing House – Billing Services Webinar (3/27/2024)
This webinar will walk you through getting started with Waystar.

Waystar Account Setup Webinar (4/3/2024)
In this webinar you will learn how to connect to the Waystar portal, how to activate your Waystar account, and how to set up your Waystar Portal.

Billing Conversion to Waystar: Updating Practice Manager Billing Screens (4/4/2024)
In this webinar you will learn how to transition your electronic billing in Practice Manager from Change Healthcare to Waystar.

General Waystar Q&A Webinar (4/9/2024)
This webinar we will consist of a question-and-answer format for those that have activated their Waystar Portal and have completed the Waystar bill conversion in Practice Manager.

General Waystar Q&A Webinar (4/15/2024)
This General Waystar Q&A webinar will be available to answer any questions you have regarding the transition to and use of the Waystar Portal.

General Waystar Q&A Webinar (4/17/2024)
This General Waystar Q&A webinar will be available to answer any questions you have regarding the transition to and use of the Waystar Portal.

Waystar Enrollments Webinar (4/5/2024)
In this webinar you will learn webinar about how to create enrollment requests on the Waystar Portal.

Claims Management on the Waystar Portal (4/11/2024)

In this webinar you will learn about the Claims area of the Waystar Portal.

What are we currently paying for Change Healthcare and how does that compare to Waystar?

Presently, clients with their own servers are paying $15 per month, per NPI for EDI fees associated with the Change Healthcare clearinghouse. For clients on our cloud environment, EDI fees are included in their monthly ASP charges. Waystar charges are transaction based: $.11 for Claims; $.04 for Remittance/ERAs; $.14 for Eligibility requests.

If we choose to wait for the Change Healthcare clearinghouse to be restored is that still an option?

While waiting for the restoration of the Change Healthcare clearinghouse remains an option, we strongly advise considering enrollment with Waystar. The timeline for the restoration of our Change Healthcare platform remains uncertain.

We signed up for Waystar, how soon can we get started sending claims?

Upon receipt of your Waystar enrollment and signed agreement, we will promptly request the creation of your account on their platform. Please note that an upgrade to ChartMaker Medical Suite version 6.7.9 will be necessary to facilitate the transition to Waystar for claims submission.

What can we do while waiting for the Waystar account to be setup?

As you await the setup of your Waystar account, we suggest identifying the necessary payer enrollments to expedite the process once your account is active. Please refer to the Waystar payer list for this.

What changes will need to be made in Practice Manager to transition our billing from Change Healthcare to Waystar?

Our STI Development team is diligently working to streamline the transition process within Practice Manager. While an upgrade to version is required, transitioning billing from Change Healthcare to Waystar will also involve manual adjustments to Billing Types and inputting your Waystar credentials.

What is considered a transaction?

For Claims, an encounter is a claim transaction.
For 835s, a check number is a payment transaction.
For Eligibility, a request is a transaction.

What should I do with my claim batches from February 21, 2024?

Regenerate and resubmit those claims using an alternative billing method (i.e., Novitasphere, Availity or CMS-1500).

How can I get my ERAs that are in Change Healthcare’s system?

Contact the payers directly for copies of the missing remittances.

Was any patient PHI (Protected Health Information) compromised during the Change Healthcare cybersecurity data breach?

STI has received several inquiries from our clients regarding the data breach at Change Healthcare and whether patient PHI has been compromised. Currently, we do not know the full extent of the breach and whether any patient PHI has been compromised.

What we do know is that the data breach at Change Healthcare did not affect the STI cloud environment or software. This data breach occurred outside the STI network, and Change Healthcare has not stated what, if any, PHI was affected.

All updates regarding the Change Healthcare breach can be found at the following websites: UnitedHealth Group and Information on the Change Healthcare Cyber Response – UnitedHealth Group.