Patient Pay Online

STI now provides a bill payment solution for healthcare providers


STI Computer Services and InstaMed

STI has partnered with InstaMed to deliver a better healthcare payments experience for patients and staff. Increase all of your patient collections with a full suite of solutions to accept omnichannel payment options, including online, mobile and bank bill pay. With Patient Pay Online, you'll have access to a full suite of payment options including point-of-service, online, mobile, IVR, automated payment plans, phone, mail and bank bill pay. Integrated with Practice Manager, patient payments will appear in real time in the new Pending Payments tab.

Prerequisite: ChartMaker® Practice Manager

How does it work? When your patients make their payments through InstaMed, they will appear in the Pending Payments tab in Practice Manager.

Features and Benefits

Patient Payments


Offer multiple ways to pay, automate collections, enable payment plans and allow patients to save cards on file. Streamline your operational processes for every payment channel and method

Payments Online


Enable your patients to pay you online with the InstaMed Patient Portal allowing them to make payments 24/7 and create digital wallets.

Practice Manager Integration


All payments post in real-time in Practice Manager

Payment Plans


Collect every payment in a timely manner with automated, scheduled payments according to your pre-arranged payment plan. Reduce processing costs and improve efficiency with automated posting and reconciliation. Deliver payment notification receipts to staff and patients via email and text.

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Patient Pay Online