(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

STI Computer Services announced today that DeBrady Medical Associates in Philadelphia, PA is the first client office using the ChartMaker EMR to receive their first payment under the Pennsylvania Medicaid EMR Incentive Program. DeBrady Medical Associates received their full first year payment of $21,250 approximately 45 days after registering their practice with CMS as having successfully installed the ChartMaker EMR. Under the Medicaid Incentive Program, no period of Meaningful Use attestation is necessary in the first year.

Dr. DeBrady explains, “With the Medicaid program, I didn’t need to submit any documents to receive payment. I just registered the ChartMaker name and version number. It’s a very simple process. It was very quick. This first payment more than covered the cost of my ChartMaker system! I encourage all my fellow physicians who are undecided to just do it. For me, it’s been a positive experience”

“I started the practice four years ago,” Dr. DeBrady explains. “We have a lot of paper charts so we’re still in transition. The ChartMaker EMR has proven to be very user friendly. We’re doing a lot better now.”

“STI is pleased that DeBrady Medical Associates has received their first payment under the Pennsylvania Medicaid Incentive Program” states STI President, Ted Itzkowitz. “We know this is the first of many clients using the ChartMaker EMR who will be receiving their first incentive payment this year. We look forward to hearing more success stories like this from our clients.”

Media Contact: Ali Bentley; 800-487-9135 Extension 1169

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