(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

STI Computer Services announced today that Family Practice of Honey Brook, in Honey Brook, PA, is the first customer to receive incentive payments based on the Medicare EHR Incentive program.

Family Practice of Honey Brook attested successfully and met all meaningful use requirements as designated by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), and ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable eligible provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Family Practice of Honeybrook meets Meaningful Use with ChartMaker EMRAct (ARRA). Family Practice of Honey Brook implemented ChartMaker® Clinical EMR in June of 2010. Michael D. Arbuckle, D.O., Ian Brad Becker, D.O., RPh. and Elizabeth J. Carroll, D.O. each received the maximum amount for successful attestation. All providers agree that without ChartMaker’s® Statistical Reporting feature to track progress throughout the 90-day reporting period, attesting would have been more difficult. “Everyone has to stay positive and committed to make it work,” said Dr. Carroll. “Providers have to work as a team – that’s a must,” added Dr. Arbuckle. Family Practice of Honey Brook was founded in 1979 and moved to its current location in 1992.  

“STI is pleased that Family Practice of Honey Brook has met the requirements for ‘Meaningful Use’ and received their initial incentive money from the federal government,” said President of STI, Ted Itzkowitz. “We know that this is the first of many STI ChartMaker® clinical users who will be receiving the first payment of their incentive money this year. This has been a cooperative effort by both Family Practice of Honey Brook and STI. And, we are committed to continue to work with all our customers to help them meet the necessary requirements and receive their incentive monies.”

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