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12/10/2013: Novitasphere – Novitas Solutions Announces their Free Web Portal is Now Available!

Novitas Medicare is sending out letters to providers in their JL Jurisdiction area (DE, MD, NJ, PA, DC Metro) announcing their new web portal. The web portal will allow you to submit claims and retrieve reports and ERA files without the use of a modem.

STI is happy to announce we are working closely with Novitas Medicare to help our providers’ transition to the web portal.

If you received a letter and registered for the web portal, we ask that you let us know. When you receive your new submitter login from Novitas Medicare we will be happy to schedule your transition to internet billing. Practice Manager will require a few adjustments.

If you have not received a letter, you will in the near future as Novitas Medicare is mailing them out several hundred at a time.

What you need to know:

• If you are using MedXpress this will not apply to your office unless you decide to transition to Novitasphere.

• Once you elect to move to internet billing you will no longer use the Automatic Billing tab. Claims will be gathered manually – you make your file and launch to the Novitasphere web portal.

• When you select the ‘launch’ option, you will be directed to the Novitas Medicare web portal site. Novitas will assign your login and password (don’t forget to put this in a safe place).

• Once you are on the Novitasphere, you browse to your folder where your medicare claim file resides and then upload your file. All reports and ERA files will download and be saved to your download folder. The upload and download folders have not changed, just the way to submit and retrieve your information.

• You will continue to review the reports with Response Viewer and import the ERA files into the Remittance tab


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