(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

05/08/2013: NGS Medicare PQRS Alert!!!

We have been notified by National Government Services (NGS) Medicare (New York and Connecticut) that there is an issue with sending PQRS charges with zero dollar amounts ($0.00). The article can be found on NGS Medicare’s website http://www.ngsmedicare.com. Select Part B. Once on the Part B screen look under the Latest Production Alerts. It is number 251.

If you are sending the PQRS charge with the zero dollar amount, you are not getting the remark code N365 on your electronic remittance advice (ERA). Without this remark code N365, you are not getting credit for the PQRS reporting.

The “work around” that NGS Medicare is suggesting, is to send PQRS charges with a penny charge ($.01). This will trigger the N365 remark code to show on your ERA, hence you will get credit for the PQRS reporting.

With this workaround, the PQRS $.01 charges (that are setup as quality measures) need to be written off after the EOB has been processed. This is so the next insurance or the patient is not billed the $.01.

This may be a temporary issue. We are waiting for confirmation from NGS Medicare on this.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please call NGS Medicare Provider Contact Center at 866-837-0241.

05/11/2012: Important Notice for offices that bill National Government Services Medicare thru MedXpress: NGS Medicare billers (New York [NYMCR_P5, NYMCEM_P5, NYMCEM_I5, and NYMCGHI_P5], Connecticut [CTMCR_P5] and DME [NYDMEMC_P5]) who use MedXpress as their Network Service Vendor. As of June 4th, 2012, MedXpress will not accept any Medicare billing files in the ANSI 4010 format. NGS is changing their front end system and the new front end system will only accept ANSI 5010 transactions. If you still need to transition to ANSI 5010 for Medicare billing please refer to the ANSI 5010 Instructions section on this website. The instructions give you step by step instructions on what to do to switch to ANSI 5010. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our Support Department.

05/08/2012: NGS Medicare (New York: [NYMCR_P5 & NYMCEM_I5] and Connecticut: [CTMCR_P5]) Billers: are you currently getting error code 477 on your 277 Claim Acknowledgement report? If so, the Medicare issue is resolved. You can resubmit your claims. Please view the Latest Production Alerts from the following link for more details from Medicare: National Government Services Medicare Latest Production Alerts.

02/21/2012: Professional – NYMCR_P5 – If your office is receiving the following error on your 999 Functional Acknowledgment Report, click the following link for instructions on downloading an updated billing program: Downloading Billing Programs.

Seg.        Loop       Pos       Value              Error
N4           2010       4         CANADA        Data Element to long

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