(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

01/05/2012: Empire BCBS – MedXpress Users must change their Submitter ID for ANSI 5010. All MedXpress users who bill Empire BCBS must change their Submitter ID for ANSI 5010. If you do not, you will receive the following error: “Problem Description: Invalid Carrier for the submitter” when attempting to submit ANSI 5010 Empire BCBS claims via MedXpress. Below are the steps you need to change your Submitter ID for Empire BCBS: 

•  Click Add-Ins > Insurance Billing > Electronic Submitter.

•  Select the NYBSEM_P5 from the list, and then click the Edit button.

•  Enter 5010 to the end of the existing Submitter ID.

•  Hit OK out of the Submitter ID change alerts.

•  Click the Add to List button.

•  Click the Save All button.

Once this is complete, you will need to regenerate and re-gather any previously gathered 5010 batches.

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