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06/29/2012: Emdeon – ANSI 5010 Conversion

On the HIPAA simplified website, FAQ – Question 23

23. We may not complete our ASC X12 version 5010 development in time. Can we still submit version 4010 to Emdeon after the compliance date?

As discussed, Emdeon, as a clearinghouse, will continue to accept ASC X12 version 4010 and convert to version 5010 as needed by clients. We have not set a timeframe on that service, but Emdeon does encourage all trading partners to convert to version 5010 to meet the transaction standards and to prepare for ICD-10, which can only be transmitted in the 5010 standard transactions.


12/30/2011: Emdeon (NEIC) NEIC_P5 and NEIC_I5 – While Emdeon/ENIC encourages all trading partners to be ready to conduct the 5010 standard transactions by January 1, 2012 compliance date, they will continue to accept 4010A1 claims from a submitter who is not yet ready to sent 5010 and transmit those claims to payers in the 5010 format with the content they receive. Because such claims may not contain the appropriate 5010 content, Emdeon cannot provide any assurances that payers will accept or pay those claims.

STI recommends your office to run the ANSI 5010 Wizard for the Emdeon/NEIC billing program. No enrollment process is required. Please review your “Yellow” documentation received in the mail or locate the information on the website listed under Instructions – All States.

STI is certified for 5010 Professional (837P) and Institutional (837I) claim submission.

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