(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

Recently commercial insurance companies are sending an incorrect indicator stating the insurance is a secondary and not the primary in the 835 remittance file. This is causing write offs not to be applied.

The following adjustment in Practice Manger will allow the write off to post:

Under the Remittance tab:

*Remittance type = NEIC Remittance

*Select Post Remittance Payments tab

*Apply Write Offs > select All Insurances

*Save Configuration

The write offs should now post.  If they continue not to post, check the write off code to make sure it is configured under the Configuration tab.

Under the Remittance tab:

*Remittance type = NEIC Remittance

*Select Configuration tab

*Select Write Off Codes tab

*Verify the write off code is configured.

If it is not:

*Select Add and enter the code.

Do not select Penalty Code unless you verify the write off is a penalty.  Click OK to save.

If you need assistance, contact the Practice Manager Support Team at 800-487-9135, press 1 and 1 again.

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