(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

Are you receiving this error when viewing your claims in VISION? Message: INVALID SERVICE LINE COB; SUM OF ALL SERVICE LINE PAID AMOUNTS PLUS SERVICE LINE ADJUSTMENT AMOUNTS MUST EQUAL LINE ITEM CHARGE AMOUNT – Service Line COB Information Invalid; the sum of all Service Line Paid Amounts plus the Service Line Adjustment Amounts for each payer must equal Line Item Charge Amount.

When submitting your secondary or tertiary claims electronically you MUST include the Claim Adjustment Reason codes from the primary and secondary insurance. If posting your claims using the Automatic Remittance tab, this information will automatically be captured with the payment allowing the secondary and tertiary insurances to receive the correct information.

If you are posting manually using the Payment tab, then you must click the ‘MORE BUTTON’ and enter the information from the primary and secondary insurance EOB. After entering the Adj Group, Adj Reason, and Adj Amounts (and before saving) be sure to check the ‘AMT Remaining’ equals 0.

When a payment has already been entered but is missing the Claim Adjustment Reason codes, select Review Payments and entered the information.You can easily check the Claim Adjustment Reason codes under the Inquire tab. Go to the Inquire tab and select Payments.  When you select the Payment Adjustment button the Claim Adjustment Reason codes that have been entered on the payment will be displayed.

For assistance in completing these fields call our Practice Manager Customer Support team at 800-487-9135, press 1 and 1 again.

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