(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

STI Computer Services in Eagleville, Pennsylvania has earned SureScripts’ 2013 White Coat of Quality Award. The SureScripts White Coat of Quality distinction for technology vendors is a critical part of SureScripts continuous quality improvement program. The White Coat recognizes technology vendors that uphold the highest standards of clinical quality in e-prescribing.

In order to earn a 2013 White Coat of Quality award, software providers were required to:

?- Submit a quality commitment letter signed by senior leadership affirming its company’s commitment toward a goal  of zero electronic prescription content errors

?- Measure their e-prescription content error levels monthly and report to SureScripts in final submission

?-  Make software changes needed to reduce e-prescription clinical content error levels

?-  Communicate with or train end-users on how to better utilize their e-prescribing system to reduce clinical content errors

SureScripts is proud that our truly collaborative efforts with software technology providers are producing continuous quality improvements in e-prescribing and electronic information exchange. It is an honor to work closely with healthcare software professionals who are committed to implementing our proven e-prescribing best practices and who worked hard to earn the White Coat of Quality distinction,” said Ajit Dhavle, Pharm.D., Director of Clinical Quality of Surescripts.

Daniella Vargas, Social Media Coordinator at STI, caught up with Mark Vondra, Software Development Manager in the Eagleville office.  Mark has been the internal champion of the SureScripts White Coat program at STI and had this to say about this multi-year achievement,

It’s a great opportunity to once again participate in the SureScripts White Coat Program. The commitment of Product Management, Software Development and the Training Departments make it all possible. The most subtle changes to the ChartMaker user interface, system workflow and product help really make a difference for our end users. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration with SureScripts to deliver the best customer experience possible.”

Mark went on with, “Every system change made to improve accuracy, quality and efficiency matters to us at STI Computer Services. My entire team and the other departments are very proud of this acknowledgment by SureScripts“.

The Surescripts White Coat of Quality distinction is earned and awarded annually. Learn more about the White Coat of Quality here.

One of the reasons we were selected is because we have such a great group of users that follow best practices for e-prescribing.  To find out more on best practice guidelines for e-prescribing, review our guidelines here

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