(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

STI announced ChartMaker® Cloud, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet-based version of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite.

The ChartMaker Medical Suite includes four stand-alone modules that can be used separately or combined into a completely integrated Practice Management Software Suite.

The modules are:

Practice Manager– Electronic billing, practice management, and reports

Scheduler– Appointment scheduling and electronic eligibility checking that includes patient recall

ChartMaker® Lite– a low-cost, easy-to-use EMR with ePrescribing that qualifies for the Medicare and Medicaid Meaningful Use Incentives to avoid penalties. Providers can receive Medicare financial incentives up to $24,000

Clinical– a full functioned EMR with specialty specific templates to do more than just meet the minimum Federal standards for the EMR

When used together, information is shared seamlessly from one module to the next. For instance, appointments display in the EMR, and charge information flows from the EMR directly into the billing system. The ChartMaker Practice Manager billing module starts at $4,495, plus installation costs. STI is unique in that it offers a choice between a Cloud Based version of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite and an in-house, client-server model with the file server at your location.

What is ChartMaker Cloud?
A “Cloud” based system (also called an ASP, for Application Service Provider, or SaaS, for Software as a Service) means that medical practice information and software is hosted on the servers at a remote location and medical practices access their information via the Internet. With a “Cloud” based system, medical practices are paying a monthly fee or “renting” the software and only paying for what they use.

What is ChartMaker Client Server?
A “Client Server” based system means that medical practices are purchasing the software and hosting the application on their own file server at their location. Medical practices do not need to use the Internet to access the software in the main office, but can use the Internet to access ChartMaker® Medical Suite from a remote location, medical center, or home.

STI’s provides an option to switch from ChartMaker® Cloud to an in-house ChartMaker® client-server version and continue to use their patient information as data. All data is owned and returned to the medical practices.

STI also offers a Revenue Cycle Management option with both in-house or cloud options in which medical practices enter patient demographic information and charges through the EMR. An STI partner will provide insurance and patient billing, payment collection and posting, as well as follow-up services at a percentage of collectable revenue. All information remains under the medical practice control and ownership.

Both ChartMaker EMR options are a fully certified ONC and CCHIT ambulatory EMRs and include an e-Prescription module. There are many benefits involved in using ePrescriptions and an EMR in a medical practice besides better organization and more efficiency. Medicare Meaningful Use financial incentives are available for qualified providers.

For more information contact Ali Bentley at 800-487-9135 Extension 1169 abentley@sticomputer.com

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