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Is Your Office Doing Electronic Patient Statements? 

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

Check out the following tips! 

#1 – Are you receiving your email confirmations from STI? When your EPS file is received at STI, an email confirmation is sent to the email address on file. It is important you remember to check your email to avoid statement delays. Emails are issued within 24 hours after receipt of file.

#2 – Did you know you can have multiple people receiving the confirmation email? Call Practice Manager Support if you would like to update the email addresses on your account.

#3 – How often do you find out a patient forgets to alert the office of a new mailing address? Good news, EPS has the feature called Patient NCOA (National Change of Address). When a patient moves and leaves a forwarding address with the post office, you will receive an email with the patient’s old and new address. Your office now has the information to update Practice Manager or make a note to contact the patient.

#4 – Accepting Credit Card Payments? You can easily add or remove which credit cards you accept.

#5 – Need to change the special message on the Patient Statements? Want to add the last payment, collection amount, insurance pending or next appointment? Changes are easily made.

To learn more, click here. Any questions, call Practice Manager Support, 800-487-9135, press 1 and 1 again for assistance.

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