(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

The ChartMaker® Medical Suite has been updated to allow users to attach the Priority Group to their Covid-19 immunization submissions.

NYSIIS is currently accepting information for the following vaccines:

Vaccine (ID) Name CVX Code Trade Name Manufacturer Code
COVID-19, mRNA, LNP-S, PF, 100 mcg/0.5 mL dose 207 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine MOD
COVID-19, mRNA, LNP-S, PF, 30 mcg/0.3 mL dose 208 Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine PFR
COVID-19 vaccine, vector-nr, rS-Ad26, PF, 0.5 mL 212 Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine JSN


Below is the list of Priority Groups:

For information on how to attach Priority Groups in Clinical and/or Practice Manager, click here. If you need further assistance, please contact Software Support at 1-800-487-9135.

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