(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

02/21/2012: MVP Health Care – NYMVP_P5 – If your office is on Practice Manager version 4.2 and are receiving the following rejection on your Rejection Report, click the following link for instructions on downloading an updated billing program: Downloading Billing Programs.
Country in Subscriber City, State, ZIP Code cannot be US. Value of element N404 is incorrect. Value ‘US’ cannot be sent.

01/04/2012: MVP Health Care – We have received several phone calls from clients saying that after running the ANSI 5010 wizard that MVP Health Care did not convert. It turns out that when NYPC_P4 is converted to NYMVP_P5, and then the Billing Component Manager is run, the NYMVP_P5 billing form is being removed from the insurance list as well as, in some instances, the billing type. Please follow the steps below to register the new NYMVP_P5 program and to check the billing type:

• Click Add-Ins > Insurance Billing > Billing Component Manager.

• Click the Also Show Unused Components button.

• Click the Yes button to continue looking for all components.

• Once the Practice Manager Billing Component Manager screen is displayed, be sure that the NYMVP_P5 billing form is selected, and then click the OK button.

• Click Administration > Transaction Tables > Billing Type.

• In the IH Code field enter the code for the MVP (or Preferred Care) billing type or search for it by clicking the Lookup button or pressing F3.

• Select NYMVP_P5 from the drop-down list for the Primary and\or Secondary field if either field is blank. Click the Save button.


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