A Summary of the STI MIPS Assistance Program

The Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a program designed to replace the current “fee for service” payment model to one that reimburses physicians based on the “value or quality” of the services they provide to their patients. This value assessment is based on two things: the quality of care and the cost to provide that care to the beneficiaries.

Our MIPS Assistance Program is designed to help our clients transform their practices from one that is currently based on volume of services to one that is based on value and quality of services. Clinicians will either receive a negative, neutral, or positive payment adjustment based on their MIPS performance. ­­

When you sign up for this program, a dedicated STI MIPS Coach will be assigned to your practice to help the clinicians work towards meeting the goals for MIPS. Working with the clinicians and staff, the MIPS coach will assist in the process of transforming the practice from one focused on volume of services, to one based on quality of services to meet the MIPS requirements for Quality, Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities, and Cost.

  • The coaches study the QPP guidelines so that they can cut through a lot of the confusing aspects of the program.
  • They alleviate your stress about MIPS by “bottom lining” the program and processes.
  • They direct you to the measures that are specific to your practice, and provide the education, knowledge & guidance to best select the measures that will work for your practice.
  • By monitoring the MIPS dashboard(s) they are working behind the scenes to help you remain compliant with the program but still allowing you the time needed to practice medicine or run the practice.

The following details the cost and what is included in the MIPS Assistant Program for 2024:

  • $250 per month 1st Clinician, $125 for each additional clinician
  • 5 Remote/Web Sessions
  • Review Cost Score from CMS
  • Includes STI MIPSPRO Quality Reporting Registry
  • MIPS Attestation assistance (web)
  • Audit Assistance, if needed (web)


  • The MIPS Assistance Program is a mandatory 12-month program that runs from January – December.