(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

The new CMS1500 form (version 02-12) will be implemented starting January 6, 2014. Starting on January 6, 2014 there will be a Practice Manager program for you to run once you have the new CMS1500 version 02-12 in your hands. Beginning April 1, 2014 the insurance companies will NO LONGER ACCEPT CMS1500 version 08/05.

 (Version is located in the lower-right corner of the form.)

NOTE: Once you transition to the new CMS1500 version 02-12, you should not revert back to the old form. If the old form is required, contact Practice Manager Support for assistance.

The new CMS1500 version 02-12 will be available for purchase by case starting October 15, 2013. For a limited time, STI will make available for purchase the current CMS1500 version 08/05 by packets (500 sheets) instead of by case. The old stock will be discontinued after the transition phase is completed. Check out the STI website for additional supply information. Website: www.sticomputer.com – go to Customers (log in) and select Order Supplies.

Continue to check the Insurance News section for the transition of Blue Shield, Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, and Worker’s Compensation insurances to the new CMS1500 version 02-12 form.

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