(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

Over the past few months in our monthly Newsletters we have been giving some tips on how to update your billing process.  Here is a compilation of those tips:


Is your office still printing any paper HCFAs for primary claims?  STI’s new “Provider Complete” contract includes sending primary HCFAs to Change Healthcare.  Not only will you get proof of timely filing, but you have saved postage and staff time.  (Use Payer ID “SPRNT”)  Review the following document to learn more or enroll in Provider Complete to save you both time and money!


Are you printing secondary claims on paper for Aetna, Horizon, United Healthcare? Check Change Healthcare’s list for which insurances can handle secondary claims electronically – check the box for “Accepts Secondary”, and then “View List*”.  More details on setup can be found here.


Have you seen the new Patient Billing “Advanced Selections” button (available as of version 6.1)? You can now pull very specific batches of patient bills with multiple options to select them. For example, select only bills over $100.00, or only balances of 90 days, or only Worker’s Comp bills. Check the button to see all the options available. This allows your staff to focus on smaller batches and get those bills going out promptly! The faster it gets out the door, the faster it gets back in your pocket. More details here.

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