(Last Updated On: February 20, 2019)

Medicare Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will now include MIPS Payments Adjustments. These adjustments will appear in the Medicare EOB as CO-144 claim adjustments. However, these payment amounts are not yet included in the Payment Remittance Report accessed via the Remittance > View Payments tab in Practice Manager. Until these amounts are included in this report, we recommend that you use the Payment Edit report to balance these checks.

The Payment Edit report can be accessed via Reports > Daily > Payment Edit > Long. In the Advanced Configuration drop-down, select Today’s Payments by User. Click the Select Criteria tab, and then select Check Number in the Field Name drop-down, then select Equal To in the Operation drop-down, and then enter the Check Number (for the EOB you posted) in the Value field. You can then Print the report.

For a visual reference, please see our document on Medicare Incentive Codes.

Please contact the Practice Manager Support team if you have any further questions.


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