(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

New CMS1500 Form

The CMS1500 form has been updated. The version of the form is located in the lower right hand corner of the form. The new version is listed as Approved OMB-0938-1197 FORM 1500 (02-12).

Here is a summary to the transition timeline as issued by National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC).


Did you Purchase the New CMS1500 Form?


If you have not purchased the new CMS1500 forms – Version 02/12 (old version 08/05), do not convert to the new CMS1500 billing programs. The new paper billing programs will not work with the old forms. For information on purchasing the new CMS1500 forms, go to www.sticomputer.com at the blue bar select STI Customers; log in as required; go to Order Supplies.

Once you have purchased the new CMS1500 forms – Version 02/12, continue with the following instructions. The new paper billing programs will work with the new forms.

Converting to the New CMS1500 Form and Using the New Paper Billing Programs in Practice Manager

The steps below must be done on all computers where the CMS1500 forms are printed – it may be a workstation, the Application Server or the Terminal Server. Please follow the directions below or download the Instructions here New Version CMS1500 02_12_emailed 

•  In Practice Manager, click the Insurance Billing tab.

•  Under the Manual Billing or Automatic Billing tab, click the Updates button (BCSetup). This will download the latest insurance billing programs and the CMS1500 conversion program. Follow the screen instructions. You will be reminded to quit out of PM on your workstation only.

  Once the BCSetup is complete, log back into Practice Manager.

•  Run Billing Component Manager – select Add-Ins > Insurance Billing > Billing Component Manager

•  Click OK.

•  Minimize Practice Manager.

•  On your desktop, locate the Practice Manager icon (looks like a handshake).

•  Right click the Practice Manager icon.

•  Left click Properties (usually the last choice on the menu).

•  Left click Find target or Open File Location.

•  Locate the file name 1_PCIBILL_SetComponentOutputType.exe (it may be located towards the top of the list).

•  Left double click 1_PCIBILL_SetComponentOutputType.exe.

•  Select the database to convert to the new CMS1500 forms.

•  Click OK.

•  Highlight each Billing form you want to convert. To select more than one form, hold the CTRL key and select the forms to convert.

•  Click SET to YES.

•  Click OK.

If you have more than one database, repeat steps 11 thru 17 selecting each database that your office uses.

•  When completed click the ‘X’ to close the Choose Insurance Billing Components Output Type screen and click the ‘X’ to close the Practice Manager Properties screen.

•  Now maximize Practice Manager from the task bar.

•  Make sure when you print your paper claims the new form is in the printer tray (CMS1500 form – Version 02/12 – version is located on the bottom right corner of the form).

What Happens if I Converted to the New CMS1500 Format and Insurance Carriers are Not Ready?

•  If for some reason an insurance company is not ready for the new form, and you need to change back to the old CMS1500 Version 08/05, repeat above steps 6 thru 20. Remember to change step 16 to ‘No’. The selected CMS1500 form will now revert back to the Version 08/05.


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