Overview of STI MIPS PRO

The STI Quality Reporting Registry (STI MIPSPRO) will allow MIPS Eligible Clinicians (ECs) to report their MIPS quality measures with ease. ECs can track their progress throughout their MIPS performance period and make any necessary corrections before submitting their data. With the STI MIPSPRO you can select the various quality measures your office wants to report (at least 6, but you can select as many as 50 measures). Then, as your data is transferred from Clinical to STI MIPSPRO, you have access to CMS Performance and Quality Score reports that present an overview of your progress, and STI MIPSPRO will also determine the best 6 measures to determine your MIPS Quality Score.

In addition to performance and quality reports you have access to detailed raw patient and visit data to view how measures are determined at the visit level and how those measures are either met or not. Throughout the reporting period you can make modifications to patient chart notes in the Clinical system when needed, and that information gets updated within STI MIPSPRO daily, just as any new data gets updated daily.