The following information pertains to Health Information Exchanges and how to connect with them.

What is an HIE?

Health information exchange (HIE) is the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system

HIE Benefits

Sharing updated, electronic patient information with other providers enables you to:

  • Access and confidentially share patients’ vital medical history, no matter where your patients are receiving care—specialists’ offices, labs or emergency rooms
  • Provide safer, more effective care tailored to your patients’ unique medical needs

Available HIE Interfaces

HIXNY – Website:; Contact page with enrollment form:

Rochester RHIO – Website: ; Contact page:

HealtheConnections– Get started here.

HealtheLink – Website: ; Contact info and Enrollment form page:

INSPIRA Data Exchange Interface – INSPIRA is part of the NJSHINE HIE Network.  For more information, visit their website or contact STI Support.

DHIN – Delaware Health Information Network.  For more information you can contact your DHIN representative or STI Support.

Jersey Health Connect – For more information, visit their website or contact STI Support.

NYU Langone Health – For more information, visit their website or contact STI Support.

Additional Resources:

If your office is submitting CCD data to a local HIE exchange, please make sure all conditions are mapped to an applicable LOINC code.  To map your clinical codes, navigate to “ChartMaker Tools Code Mapper LOINC Mapping”.  Select “Conditions without LOINC Codes”.  This will provide a listing of all codes that need to be mapped.  If you need further assistance, please contact our support department at 800-243-8682.


LOINC Resources (Click the Explore LOINC option to search by panel names without having to download the entire document. This shows all the tests that could be under that panel with their relevant LOINC codes. )
LOINC Code Mapping
LOINC Code Mapping (No Lab Interface)
List of Common LOINC Codes (Distributed by LabCorp)
List of Common LOINC Codes (Distributed by LOINC)
List of LOINC Codes for CQMs Certified for ChartMaker® Medical Suite