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Re-linking Your EPCS Token

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)

If you are currently using Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS), you may come across a new update that will be need to addressed. This change comes from more stringent federal EPCS certification requirements. Starting in ChartMaker Medical Suite Version 6.2.0, each provider must be linked to the correct digital certificate provided with each Identrust EPCS token. Going forward, if a provider was linked to a non-digital signature certificate they will now need to be re-linked following the steps listed below.

Please note that going forward only one provider can be linked to an Identrust EPCS token. Additional tokens will need to be purchased in the event that additional providers will need EPCS privileges in ChartMaker Medical Suite.


The following pertains to existing prescribers after they upgrade:

  • If you were initially linked to the certificate with the digital signature there will be no change to your workflow.

    • If a token had been linked to a provider using the non-digital signature certificate, when you go to use EPCS, you will be presented with a warning dialog indicating that in order to continue you will need to re-link your token. When you go to the Token Linkage dialog they will only be able to select the correct certificate. This is a one-time event that you will encounter.

    • If a token has been linked to two users, one to each certificate, there will be a warning displayed if one of the users attempts to sign an EPCS prescription. The message will explain that multiple providers are linked to the token and only one is now permitted. They will be advised to return to the EPCS token linkage dialog to resolve the problem.

    • A similar message will be displayed to the user trying to link to the same token as another user.


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