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 ****Attention! Effective 2/7/2014   Medicare Extends Deadline to 3/31/2014**** February 28th, 2014 marks the final day for Providers to attest for Meaningful Use for 2013. Follow these steps below to prepare you for your attestation.

•Confirm your NPPES ID and Password for each provider (s). Without the correct log-in information, you will be unable to access the CMS attestation module. Also, have your unique EHR certification number ready.
Note: If you are having issues with your User ID/Password and are unable to log in, please contact the EHR Incentive Program Information Center at 888-734-6433. If you are an existing user and need to reset your password, visit the I&A System here. To obtain your unique EHR certification number, visit: http://onc-chpl.force.com/ehrcert


•Run your Meaningful Use Dashboard. Confirm that you have achieved Meaningful Use by successfully achieving 15 Core and 5 Menu Set measures (unless you qualify for exclusions for your 90 day period)
Note:  One of your Menu Set measures must be a public health menu measure (#9 or #10) even if you are claiming an exclusion.


•Review the core Clinical Quality Measures as well the 3 additional Quality Measures you will be attesting for. Note: EPs must report on 6 total clinical quality measures: 3 required core measures and 3 additional measures (selected from a set of 38 clinical quality measures).If you are reporting 0% for the core measures, you must also report 0% for the alternate core measures.  For the additional measures, it is acceptable to have a ‘0’ denominator provided the EP does not have an applicable population.


•Print out your Meaningful Use Dashboard results for each provider (s). 
Note: Always keep a hard copy of your Dashboard results on file as a back-up to your Attestation numbers

•When you are ready to attest, visit https://ehrincentives.cms.gov to begin your Attestation. 
Note: For additional help on attesting, review the CMS Attestation User Guide here.

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