(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

Released by Surescripts on 8/23/16

As part of Surescripts’ ongoing commitment to update and improve the CompletEPA Accelerator based on network activity and customer feedback, users will notice a few Accelerator changes in both the Staging and Production environments. Development changes for the 16.4 development period will be deployed to Staging on 9/1 and Production on 9/15. Please take note of the following changes:

• “Workflow Processes” has been renamed to “Task History”

• Previously, notes from PBMs/payers would be displayed even if a PDR link was found and returned. To prevent end-user confusion, PA notes will now be suppressed if a PDR link was found (but all notes will remain accessible from the “Task History” page)

• New log codes have been added to Admin Console for more accurate description of Surescripts message processing with regards to ePA messaging

If you have any questions regarding new functionality or CompletEPA® Accelerator, please contact your Surescripts account manager.

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