eCQM / NQF #: CMS50v7 / XXXX
Measure: Percentage of patients with referrals, regardless of age, for which the referring provider receives a report from the provider to whom the patient was referred.
Numerator: Number of patients with a referral, for which the referring provider received a report from the provider to whom the patient was referred.
Denominator: Number of patients, regardless of age, who were referred by one provider to another provider, and who had a visit during the measurement period
Domain: Communication and Care Coordination

In ChartMaker Clinical:

In order to qualify for this measure, the provider must have seen the patient at least one time during the reporting period and have the appropriate information documented in the chart:

Required Data Elements for the Denominator: 

Required Data Elements for the Numerator: 


•  The provider to whom the patient was referred should be the same provider that sends the report.

•  The response received can be indicated in any note separate from the one where there referral was created.  

•  The only data used to determine the denominator is data from the ChartMaker Clinical Module. If a patient encounter was not entered into the ChartMaker Clinical Module, that encounter is not included in the denominator for the statistical calculations on the Meaningful Use Dashboard. Please add these additional patients to the denominator and recalculate the percentage for Attestation purposes.