Clinical Quality Measures for
MIPS Reporting Period 2020


You can elect to choose any of the following eCQMs to satisfy the MIPS Quality Performance Category. You must report on 6 measures. One of the 6 measures must be an Outcome Measure.

If an Outcome measure is not applicable to your specialty, you will have to select another High Priority measure. The eCQMs will be reported through EHR reporting which can earn you 1 bonus point for each measure submitted.

Reporting Period

The reporting period is for a full calendar year.


  • Each measure will be scored on a scale from 0-10 or 0-7 for Topped Out measures capped at 7 points.
  • Each measure must meet data completeness (70%), case volume (20), and has a measure Benchmark to obtain maximum number of points. Each of the eCQMs listed below has a Benchmark.
  • Measures that fail to meet data completeness: Small Practice (15 or fewer clinicians) will ONLY earn 3 points. Large Practice (16+ clinicians) will receive 0 points.
  • Measures that do not have a benchmark and/or do not meet case volume BUT have meet data completeness: Practice of any size will earn 3 points.
  • Bonus Points will be awarded for reporting on additional Outcome or High Priority measures beyond the required 1 and submitting thru EHR reporting.
  • The eCQMs will factor in all patients, regardless of payer, who meet the denominator description, but you MUST have at least one Medicare beneficiary within the reported population.
  • The Quality performance category will make up 45% of the ECs MIPS Final score. This percentage can change due to Special Statuses, Exception Applications, reweighting of other performance categories, or Alternative Payment Model (APM) participation.

Outcome Measures


Telehealth Eligible

7 Point Cap

Children Who Have Dental Decay or Cavities CMS75v8 / None Yes Yes
Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control CMS122v8 / None Yes No
Controlling High Blood Pressure CMS165v8 / None Yes No