(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

Spring Cleaning – Removing Old Diagnoses

Do your patient charts have so many diagnoses that you have to scroll to see medications? Take a minute for each chart this week and remove any old codes. Both ICD-9 and expired/corrected codes should be removed for better organization. Note that the history of onset date for any removed code is always available later under your “History” tab on the right side of chart.

To remove: While adding new visit code for the visit, simply click the red circle next to an old code and click OK. The reason is optional.


Fix Account Numbers 

Have you accidentally created an account number with letters instead of numbers? Fix in 10 seconds!

Go to Administration> Utilities > Account Maintenance > Change/Delete

Search the “bad” account number and type in what you want instead or leave it blank to let system give next assigned number as usual. Then click Change TipTiAccount Number button.

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