Mark Allen

Mark created the original software program that has now become Practice Manager. The initial software was written in the BASIC programing language and was designed to run on an IBM 5110 computer for a family physician in Boston MA in 1979. In 1983 Mark went on to design the next generation of this software to run on the IBM PC XT running MS-DOS 2.0. And then in 1985 he designed the software database to use an Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) which allowed for the faster retrieval of data. Utilizing IBM Token Ring technology, this new database design allowed multiple users to access the database, thereby allowing the software to become a multi-user product. In the early 1990s Mark took a step further and designed the company’s first Microsoft Windows-based Practice Management system which included electronic billing and appointment scheduling. With over 34 years in Health Care software development, Mark uses his experience to continue to play an active role in the current product design of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite.