Carisk No Fault and Workers’ Compensation Claims Enrollment Form

As of September 1, 2019 practices performing services in the state of New Jersey are required by law , NJ State Bill S-2137, to submit No Fault (Automobile) claims and attachments electronically and as of November 1, 2019 (NJ State Bill S-2136) to submit Workers’ Compensation claims and attachments electronically.  STI has partnered with Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (formerly iHCFA) to provide this service.

The charge of 50¢ per accepted claim includes an unlimited number of attachments.  Your office will be billed directly by Carisk on a monthly basis.  There are no set up fees.    Once enrolled with Carisk, your office will be provided an account and trained by Carisk on their portal.  STI will assist with the Practice Manager configurations and billing programs.

For more information on the Practice Manager setup process, please click here to visit our Resources page.

Note:  Your office MUST be on CMMS version 6.4.9 or higher for electronic No Fault and Workers’ Compensation claim submissions.

Please complete the following steps to complete your enrollment.  An STI rep will be contacting your office to assist with the enrollment process.

Step 1 – Complete the enrollment form below

Step 2 – Next, complete the iHCFA registration form here. (Not required if you have already enrolled with Carisk for No Fault or Workers’ Compensation.  Once enrolled, you can send No Fault and Workers’ Compensation.)