Promoting Interoperability 2018 Objectives (formerly ACI)

Promoting Interoperability Objectices (formerly ACI)

Base Score Measures (50 Points)

  • Protect Patient Health Information
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Provide Patient Access
  • Health Information Exchange

You must complete all 4 base score measures to receive 50 points. Completing some of the measures will NOT earn you partial credit. Failure to complete a security risk assessment will yield 0 points for the ACI category. You only need to have 1 in the numerator for Electronic Prescribing, Provide Patient Access, and Health Information Exchange to receive credit as based score measures.

Performance Score Measures (Earn up to 90 Points):

  • Immunization Registry Reporting = 0 or 10%
  • Health Information Exchange = 20%
  • Medication Reconciliation = 10%
  • Patient-Specific Education = 10%
  • Provide Patient Access = 20%
  • Secure Messaging = 10%
  • View, Download and Transmit = 10%

You must complete all base score measures in order to earn any additional credit, up to 90 points, for the performance scored measures. Select the measures that best suit your practice.

View the objectives/measures specification facts, including how to achieve within ChartMaker Medical Suite, below:

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