ChartMaker PatientPortal

The ChartMaker® PatientPortal is an online service that allows a patient to keep track of their personal health information. It will also allow practices to share and receive information easily with patients.

Benefits of the PatientPortal: 

  • Available with versions 4.3 and higher 
  • Requirement for Stage 1 (Core Measure: View, Download, Transmit) and Stage 2 (Core Measures: View, Download, Transmit and Secure Electronic Messaging) of the Meaningful Use program starting in 2014 
  • Configurable by the Practice 
  • Ability to send and receive messages to and from your patients - Message Types include: Appointment and Refill Requests, Billing and Health Questions, and General Messages 
  • Upload health related educational resources for your patients
  • Patients create their own username and password 
  • Patients can update their demographic information Information including their General information, Responsible Party, Employment Information, Insurance, Emergency Contacts, Pharmacy, Medications, Allergies, History Information 
  • Patients can view clinical summary information (*automatically gives you credit for Core Measure: Clinical Summaries in the Meaningful Use program*)
  • Success with the PatientPortal: 

    The success of your PatientPortal will be determined by the amount of commitment you put forth in designing and planning for its release, as well as the effort you exert to promote it.

    Read about where to start with this process in this customer profile.

    Enrolling for PatientPortal

    There is a fee of $29/physician, $15/NP, $15/PA per month for the ChartMaker® PatientPortal service. The ChartMaker® PatientPortal fee is charged for every provider in the practice that is also using the ChartMaker® Health Portal for either e-prescribing, lab results, or Direct Messaging.

    Instructional Videos

    Additional Resources:

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  • (Click the Explore LOINC option to search by panel names without having to download the entire document. This shows all the tests that could be under that panel with their relevant LOINC codes.)
  • Secure Messaging

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  • Check the types of e-mail notifications you want sent to this address: