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The capability to identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry  is a requirement for Meaningful Use Stage 2

In order to qualify for this measure, the provider must document specific case information in the EMR and submit this information to a specialized registry on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, STI has partnered with the Genesis Registry (provided by CECity). Genesis RegistryMore information can be found at http://info.cecity.com.

CCDAs will be generated for all patients within a specified date range for the provider. The files will be sent to the STI Health Portal which will then pass them along to CECity via an SFTP process.

Getting Started

> Enroll in CECity

To register with CECity, please  fill out the enrollment form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your CECity enrollment is complete, STI will invoice each practice a $399 fee per provider, per CALENDAR year. Data submission will not begin until  payment is received.

> CECity Deactivation Form

Please note that CE City is a yearly fee. We are not able to refund or prorate the amount paid after deactivation.

Please also carefully consider that the public health objective is a Meaningful Use requirement. Therefore, deactivating your CE City enrollment could adversely affect your ability to fully meet the requirements for  Meaningful Use.


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For extended information on CECity and the Genesis Registry, visit the Genesis website.

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