(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

As of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite 2016 release, offices that are part of the Inspira HIE will now have the ability to not only export Transition of Care documents, but will also be able to import them as well. The newly added import functionality will allow users the ability to electronically download Transition of Care documents from other providers and facilities.


Inspira (formerly South Jersey Health) is located in South Jersey. They are a hospital system and contribute to the NJ SHINE Health Information Exchange (HIE), which services the South Jersey area.

In order to initiate the process of exchanging information with Inspira, practices must first enroll with Inspira. Once enrollment is complete, STI will be notified and we will enable this feature in our system.

After the initial process of exporting data to Inspira is complete, practices may then begin the process of importing Transition of Care documents into ChartMaker® Medical Suite.

If you already have an interface between ChartMaker® Medical Suite and Inspira and are looking to add the import functionality, please contact Nancy Hendricks at 800-487-9135.

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