Reducing Costs and Increasing Revenue with Outsourced Billing

Outsourcing Advantages Over In-House Billing Webinar

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  • October 11, 2023 @ 7:30AM (EST)

The demand of running a modern medical practice requires more time from your office staff. It is not just about managing insurance claims, referrals, and authorizations. Greater knowledge is required with insurance mandates and timely filing. What time is left for patient care, let alone focusing on managing your revenue cycle and cash-flow? Lack of billing knowledge, and unaddressed factors like billing inaccuracies, too late filing, lapses in follow-ups on denials, and overlooked secondary carrier billings can lead to significant revenue leakage.

Many medical practices and health-delivery systems prefer to be less involved in the day-to-day of back-office processes including billing, collecting, posting payments, managing denials, and calling insurance companies for proper payment. There is a better way. Outsourcing to a skilled and competent Revenue Cycle Management company like STI can help. We invite you to our upcoming webinar. Dive deep into the merits of outsourcing, demystifying the notion that it equates to relinquishing control. Discover how leading firms offer enhanced expertise, efficiency, accountability, and compliance – all while boosting your bottom line. Equip yourself with the right questions to evaluate potential outsourcing partners and understand why a growing number of practices are realigning their staffing priorities to let seasoned professionals handle their collections.