(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

In an effort to share with you the best practices for using the PatientPortal, we’ve come across an issue with our clients using fake or invalid email addresses to enroll their patients who do not provide them with an email address.

The presence of these invalid email addresses disrupts the processing of new registration emails in addition to affecting the upload process of new data to your patients’ accounts on the PatientPortal.

To better assist you with assuring that this does not happen to your office, please take the following steps :

1.  Run a report in Practice Manager to see if any patient accounts have a fake or invalid email address. You may do this by going to Reports > Lists > Patient > Patient Short Listing.  Then add a Select Criteria “email address is not blank”.

2.  Replace or remove all invalid email addresses

Keep in mind that if a patient does not provide an email address, you may still authorize them for the PatientPortal by printing their instructions rather than the email authorization method. For more tips and suggestions, please visit our PatientPortal page.

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