(Last Updated On: September 12, 2018)

Whether it’s for a follow up, a test, an immunization or any other reminder, Practice Manager Recalls can prevent your patients from falling through the cracks potentially increasing your revenue.

Practice Manager Recalls allows you to track patients who need to return for a future appointment but haven’t scheduled that appointment.

Here are great examples of how you can use Recalls for patients:

  • To finish their Hepatitis B shot series
  • To schedule their Yearly Ophthalmology Exams or Routine Physicals
  • For yearly Flu or Pneumonia Shots
  • When they are due for their Colonoscopy
  • To schedule their Skin Cancer Screening
  • When they are due for a new pair of Diabetic Shoes

In Practice Manager you have the option to generate a letter, a recall card or a list of patients to call. Better yet you can use our Patient Reminder Module and let us contact the patients for you. For more information on Recalls, contact STI today.

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