With Covid-19 everything has changed. Physicians need a video option to treat patients remotely without endangering themselves or other patients with the Coronavirus. Allowing infected patients who are asymptomatic into a crowded waiting room makes no sense.  Remote patient visits that includes real time audio and video connections are possible with cloud-based software and a fast Internet connection is available to most of the US population. Telemedicine is now an effective tool that compensates you to remotely monitor and treat patients who are required to stay at home.

STI wants to help physicians to implement a free cloud based EMR that includes a telemedicine product to help you treat patients and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With STI’s Revenue Cycle Optimization (RCO) program, we can implement these products in your practice and train you how to use them. In addition to providing cloud-based software with telemedicine capabilities, the RCO program also assists with billing and collections of your charges for a small portion of collections of your fees. Now you can see your patients remotely from your office or your home and maintain your medical practice even with a reduced staff. For more information contact sales@sticomputer.com, or attend one of our telemedicine webinars. To enroll, click here.

*NOTE: It is the provider’s responsibility to determine if the clinical needs of the patient warrant the use of telemedicine and if the interaction is a medical necessity for that patient. There are specific conditions that apply to the free use of Telemedicine and the ASP (cloud) version of the ChartMaker Go EMR with telemedicine interface. The use of the ChartMaker Go ASP cloud solution and fast Internet service are required for remote access to software and your patients. A subscription to STI’s Revenue Cycle Optimization program is required. Minimum Revenue terms and conditions apply for you to qualify for this promotion. The future use of these products may be contingent on paying additional fees or other charges. The present demand for telemedicine software is very high and there may be delays on implementation, please check for current lead times. Insurance coverage for telemedicine visits varies by individual policy.

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  • June 23, 2021 @ 12:30PM (EST)
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