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Patient Education Goes Electronic

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

As the industry focuses more on patient education through quality payment programs such as MIPS your practice will need a way to distribute materials to your patients. The ChartMaker® PatientPortal is a great portal to facilitate this exchange. There are two ways to upload documents, depending on whether you want the information to be public or specific to an individual patient.

If the document is not patient-specific, upload it through the “Documents” menu in your administration panel. All patients accessing the PatientPortal will have access to this document.

If the document is specific to a patient, then scan it and select “Send to PatientPortal on signing” in the Scan Management dialog prior to saving it to the patient’s chart.


By doing this, the document will be saved to the patient’s Health Information section on the portal and will only be visible by them.

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