(Last Updated On: February 20, 2019)

The electronic billing program, NEIC_P5, has been updated to correct the two issues listed below due to the MIPS C0-144 Medicare incentive payments.

Before sending your next batch of electronic claims to Change Healthcare, click the Update Button (normally red) located on the Insurance Billing tab.  Follow the instructions and once you are back in Practice Manager do not forget to run Billing Component Manager.  The NEIC_P5 program is dated 02/13/19.

Once the electronic billing program is updated in Practice Manager (on all workstations that send electronic billing claims to Change Healthcare), you will need to check for the following if you have not already done so:

Unformatted Batches

  • Under the Insurance Billing Tab, go to the Manual Billing tab and look for the Unformatted Batches on the lower right screen and left click. Click on the NEIC_P5 unformatted batch write down the Date, Charges, and Balance
  • Now go to Add-ins -> Insurance Billing -> Batch Regenerate
  • Under the Billing Batch, change the Last Days to 30 days
  • Click the down arrow, locate your NEIC_P5 billing batch for the date(s) you need to regenerate
  • Highlight the line that matches the unformatted batch based on the Date, Charges and Balance and select Search Now, Select All and Save
  • Repeat process for all batches to be regenerated.

COB Errors on Secondary Claims when Medicare is Primary – Regenerate the Claim

  • If the claim has the following error, you need to regenerate and send it again. No other adjustment should be required in Practice Manager.
    • Service Line COB Information: Invalid; Sum of Service Line Paid Amount and all Adjustment Amounts for the Service Line must equal the Line Item Charge Amount.
    • Service Line COB Information: Invalid; the sum of all Service Line Paid Amounts plus the Service Line Adjustment Amounts for each payer must equal Line Item Charge Amount.

Any questions, please contact Practice Manager Support for further assistance.

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