(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

Beginning in September 2016, KIDS Plus IIS will have an important system update that will affect how users report immunizations to KIDS Plus IIS. This upgrade will allow VFC and VFAAR providers to automatically decrement inventory. This means you will no longer have to manually reconcile your VFC and VFAAR vaccine inventory, which should save you hours of work every month and reduce errors.

Please reference the communication sent to providers on July 14, 2016 from KIDS Plus for detailed information.

Excerpt from KIDS Plus announcement:

What changes can you expect to achieve inventory decremantation?
You will now be able to accurately report eligibility for all vaccines administered, including those provided through the VFAAR Program. Currently HL7 messages only require you to report VFC eligibility at the dose level. The new values are highlighted in the table below.

User Defined Table – Financial Class
KIDS Plus IIS supports the values listed in the table below. Use in PV1-20 for patient VFC Eligibility and in OBX-5 for VFC Eligibility at the dose administered level (i.e., vaccine). KIDS Plus IIS prevents both vaccine- and patient-level financial eligibility from being set for patients who are not eligible for those categories based on their age. These are the recommended values from the CDC:

Value Description Comment
V00 VFC Eligibility not Determined/Unknown
V01 Not VFC Eligible Client does not qualify for VFC because they do not have one of the statuses below.
V02 VFC Eligible – Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Care Client is currently on Medicaid or Medicaid managed care and < 19 years old and the vaccine administered is eligible for VFC funding.
V03 VFC Eligible – Uninsured Client does not have private insurance coverage and < 19 years old and the vaccine administered is eligible for VFC Funding.
V04 VFC Eligible – American Indian/Alaskan Native Client is a member of a federally recognized tribe and < 19 years old and the vaccine administered is eligible for VFC Funding.
V05 VFC Eligible – Federally Qualified Health Center Patient (under-insured) Client has insurance that partially covers vaccines received on visit and so is eligible for VFC coverage at a Federally Qualified Health Center. The client must be receiving the immunizations at the FQHC and < 19 years old and the vaccine administered is eligible for VFC Funding.
V22 CHIP Client is eligible for the CHIP program, a separate state health insurance that is NOT a Medicaid expansion program.
V23 317 Client is eligible to receive vaccines under the state/program immunization policy and the vaccine administered is eligible for 317 funding.
V24 Medicare Client is enrolled in Medicare
V25 State specific code Client is eligible for specific state vaccine program

Codes V00-V05 should already be in your system. V22-25 are new codes that will need to be added.
Changes Necessary in ChartMaker Medical Suite:

Steps to add a V Code:

1. In Practice Manager, click Add-Ins > Clinical > Immunizations > Eligibility


2. Add the V-Code in the IH Code field and the corresponding description in the Description field

3. Click Save

4. Repeat steps 1-2 until all codes are added

When entering immunizations into Clinical, the following fields are required:


*Click to view image larger

In order for inventory to be automatically decremented all the variables must be present in your HL7 message.

You will have until February 1, 2017 to institute these changes.


Philadelphia Immunization Program Contacts:

Jenna Kelly, Interoperability Coordinator  –  215-685-6668

John Robison, KIDS Provider Analyst  –  215-685-6745

Amber Sterling, KIDS Plus IIS Coordinator  –  215-685-6468

KIDS Hotline  –  215-685-6784

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