(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

06/05/2013: Attention Independence Blue Cross Submitters!!!

Effective immediately, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield has begun transitioning Independence Blue Cross (IBC) providers to its Gateway. Please follow the steps below before submitting your first Independence Blue Cross file through Highmark’s Gateway. (Click here to download a copy of these instructions.)

10/29/2012: Attention Highmark Blue Shield/Independence Blue Cross Submitters!
Highmark Blue Shield is discontinuing their dial-up service at the end of 2012. If you are submitting claims (837 transactions) or downloading remittance files (835 transactions) via the modem, call Highmark EDI immediately at 1-800-992-0246 to begin the transition to internet submission.

Once your enrollments are complete, contact STI Support at 610-650-9700 to complete the setup.

05/18/2012: Independence Blue Cross (PABSKA_P5) – Effective immediately, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is ready to accept 5010 Independence Blue Cross claims transactions. Follow the steps below to transition to ANSI 5010.

Step 1 – Enrollment: If you have not enrolled for IBC 5010 transactions yet, click the link to download the enrollment instructions.

Step 2 – Run the Wizard: If you are on version 4.2 or higher, you MUST run this wizard at EVERY billing workstaion. If you are on version 4.1 or lower, you must run the wizard at the server.

• At the BILLING WORKSTATION (for version 4.2 or higher) or the SERVER (for version 4.1 or lower), click here to access the Conversion Wizard.

• Click the Run button.

• Click Next.

• Select PABSKA_P4.

• Click Next. Once the conversion has completed, click Finish and OK.

• If you have more than one database, click the Return to Database Selection button and repeat this process for each database.

• Once the conversion has been completed, you must get the latest billing components. If you are on version 4.1 or higher, click the Updates button in the Insurance Billing screen and follow the instructions on the screen. You must do this for each billing workstation.If you are on 3.9.1 or lower, go to the Software Downloads page and click the Insurance Billing Components Updates link in the Billing Updates section of that page.

Step 3 – Setup: Click this link to download the instructions to set up the rest of your system for ANSI 5010.

Step 4 – Ready to Bill: Once your system is ready, the PABSKA_P5 Electronic Billing Internet Instructions can be found here.

12/22/2011: Independence Blue Cross (PABSKA_P4) and Highmark BCBS (PABS_P4): Transition to ANSI 5010 Halted for IBC & Revised Enrollment Form.

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