(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

Recently, one of our ChartMaker® Medical Suite users initiated a new program to alert patients of current wait times and is finding great success.  Meetinghouse Family Physicians, located in Marlton, NJ started this innovative idea in February and has found that not only are the patients pleased but so are the providers.

The wait time notification can be found on the provider's individual page of their website, www.meetinghousefamilyphysicians.com, and can be accessed by anyone without needing to log in.


Patients are encouraged to check the website at home or on their phone prior to leaving for their appointment so they can anticipate how long they may have to wait.  If a wait time exists, they know they can run an errand or leave a little later to avoid extra time in the waiting room.

Meetinghouse Family Physicians was recently featured in a CPC Practice Spotlight associated with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid's Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI).  Read the full article for more details on how they implemented this program and the surprise benefit they received from it.

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