(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

As a reminder, our CCDA data exchange will send a LOINC code for lab results if they have been properly configured through ChartMaker® Medical Suite. If the LOINC code is missing then an “unknown” value is sent to the HIE. Since HIEs require the LOINC code to digest and display information correctly in their system, when this information is missing it can potentially cause issues in the data exchange. To avoid this, properly link LOINC codes to procedures using the following method:

1. In Clinical, go to Edit > System Tables > Conditions > Results

2. Search for the Procedure Code by description

3. Highlight the applicable code and click “Properties”

4. Click on the ellipsis to the right of “LOINC Code” and search by the LOINC code that you found on the LOINC website

5. Highlight the applicable LOINC code and click “OK”

6. Click “Save” to close the Condition Properties dialog

7. Click “Close” to close the Results Search dialog

8. Click “Close” to close the Results Search dialog

Also, if you are submitting immunization data to a registry to fulfill Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, submission needs to be on an ongoing basis. Failing to submit continually throughout the year may negatively affect program eligibility requirements. Program requirements are as follows:

Measure: Successful ongoing submission of electronic immunization data from CEHRT to an immunization registry or immunization information system for the entire EHR reporting period.

Attestation Requirements: The EP must attest YES to meeting one of the following criteria under the umbrella of ongoing submission.

•  Ongoing submission was already achieved for an EHR reporting period in a prior year and continues throughout the current EHR reporting period using either the current standard at 45 CFR 170.314(f)(1) and (f)(2) or the standards included in the 2011 Edition EHR certification criteria adopted by ONC during the prior EHR reporting period when ongoing submission was achieved.

•  Registration with the PHA or other body to whom the information is being submitted of intent to initiate ongoing submission was made by the deadline (within 60 days of the start of the EHR reporting period) and ongoing submission was achieved.

•  Registration of intent to initiate ongoing submission was made by the deadline and the EP or hospital is still engaged in testing and validation of ongoing electronic submission.

•  Registration of intent to initiate ongoing submission was made by the deadline and the EP or hospital is awaiting invitation to begin testing and validation.

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