(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

09/05/2012: ASK Blue Cross Blue Shield Update

Providers receiving a 672 – Other Payer’s payment information is out of balance need to load the updated version of NYBSWN_P5. Offices on 4.2 or higher can click the “Update” button on the billing workstation and run the Billing Component Manager. Offices lower than 4.2 need to click the following link for instructions on downloading an updated billing program: Downloading Billing Programs.

07/23/2012: Attention ASK Blue Cross Blue Shield Submitters!

Effective July 2012, new edits were implemented by ASK at the request of Health Now NY. Click the following link to see the full listing of the edits:

New Institutional & Professional Edits

The 727 Edit for missing Accident date was put on hold this past weekend (07/21-07/12/2012). All claims rejected with the 727 error may be resubmitted immediately without the need for an accident date.

For further information about these edits, please contact ASK EDI at 800-472-6481, Option 1.

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